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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Aim of Corporate Image

Company trusted as a True Partner by its customers
Company that can provide No. 1 Quality in India
Company that can contribute to the region in the Safety/Environment/and
Conservation of Resources Company where Employees live with pride and Work hard

Company Policy

To meet the needs of our customers by producing excellent, modern products.
To create a workplace that respects people and is a happy place to work
To strive to be an active business that is youthful and has ambition
To value time and theory, and pursue unique technologies
To pursue quality and value through constant ingenuity
To contribute to society through the actions of the company

Company Motto

In response to customer's needs,Produce superior products that respond quickly to the times.

Our Code of Conduct

Based on our corporate philosophy, Goshi has continued to produce excellent, modern products that meet the needs of our customers, while also building trust with our customers and the community. In order to expand globally and for each department to grow autonomously with their business, we need our employees to act even more independent than ever before. Our Code of Conduct is a summary of how we work hard every day. By making sure everyone understands and shares our Code of Conduct, we can be sure of gaining the trust of our customers and society. In order to become a company that people can rely on, every one of us follows these rules.


Because Goshi is a highly law-abiding company, we, as members of society, faithfully comply with the law.

Road Safety

Because Goshi is a company that emphasizes safe driving, we follow the rules of the road and make efforts to drive safely.

Protecting the Environment

Because Goshi is a company that is actively involved in environmental protection, we actively work to protect the environment.

Contributing to Society

Because Goshi is a corporate citizen with roots in the local community and society, we, as members of society, actively contribute to society.

Managing Information

Because Goshi properly manages information from our customers and connections, we pay careful attention to how confidential information is handled.

Safety and Health

In order for everyone at Goshi to be safe and comfortable, we strive to create a safe and healthy environment.


Because Goshi is a non-discriminatory, fair company, we actively accept the individualities and differences of the people of the world, and behave under the idea that everyone is equal.

Protecting Privacy

Because Goshi is a company that respects the privacy of individuals, we try our best to protect privacy.

Business Interactions

In order for Goshi to maintain healthy and fair relationships with clients, we do business in a healthy and fair way.

Relationship with Government

In order for Goshi to maintain a healthy relationship with the government as an independent company, we interact in a healthy manner with the government.


Because Goshi is a very transparent company, we value communication with society.